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Poconos Vacation Rental Case Study

Case Study: Poconos Vacation Rental Owner Earns $97,976 in First Year

Challenge: Deliver on customer service, distribution, and communication - for just 10%.


When Don and Toby Allison first purchased their vacation home in the Poconos, they imagined they’d be there all the time. After all, they only lived a few hours away. But their house on Lake Harmony frequently sat vacant despite their best intentions, and the couple ultimately decided to rent the property during the times when they weren’t able to enjoy it themselves.

It would be the first time the Allisons had rented, so Don did some thorough research into the options available, including both local and national property management options. He looked at their marketing materials, spoke to their customer service reps - and found himself unimpressed at what he’d receive for an average management fee of 25%. If this is the kind of service they offer me, he thought, what are the chances my potential guests would have an equally mediocre experience?

Don was starting to wonder if renting was really a good idea - until he found Evolve.

“There’s just no comparison between Evolve and other property managers. Everyone else is playing in the minors - Evolve is major league. Most managers charge more than twice as much for a service that wouldn’t come close to what Evolve can do. I absolutely made the right decision. ”

-Don Allison, Evolve Homeowner



Don found Evolve through an online advertisement, and he was immediately impressed with the quality of our customer service. “Key things that stood out to me were professional photography, broad distribution of our listing, the network connections for cleaning people and tax services, the payment process - everything was just as easy as it could possibly be.”

He was also pleased that we’d be giving him much better booking performance for less than half the fee he’d seen quoted by other property managers, and that he would be able to have personal contact with his guests. “Our philosophy is if the guests talk to the owner, they feel like they know them, and they’ll want to come back.” 



Time With Evolve

1 year


Nights Booked



Total Bookings


Rental Income



Don and Toby haven’t quite finished their first year with Evolve and they’ve already made nearly six figures with their house in the Poconos. Right now their total rental income is $97,976 - and we’ve still got a few weeks to push them over the $100,000 mark!

Don and Toby love the level of ease Evolve delivers in every aspect of renting, but their highest praise is for our onsite partner network, which helps them feel like they have eyes on the ground. “Jen - who Evolve introduced me to - treats my house like it’s her own. After a guest leaves, she goes through the house, lets me know if there’s anything to be concerned about. It’s a great system.”

Don’s so pleased with Evolve he jokes he’s not going to tell anyone else about it - he wants to keep us all to himself.